Easy to use Waste & Recycling Technology

We build tools that make waste and recycling easy to manage for waste Generators, Brokers, and Haulers.

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A product screenshot from the Discovery web application

Audit & Report

  • Scale your waste business faster with Discovery automation
  • Reduce manual workload and centralize information with one easy-to-use platform
  • Measure financial and sustainability impact with data-driven reporting

A screenshot from the Hauler web application software


  • Run a roll off or junk removal business easier with Hauler software
  • Track bins, dispatch, invoice and more with one user-friendly platform
  • Communicate in real-time with free customer text messaging and the Hauler Driver App
A screenshot of the Pioneer monitoring system

Monitor Compactors

  • Monitor fullness and schedule efficient hauls with Pioneer automation
  • Avoid pack-outs and underweight hauls with predictive technology
  • Provide real-time insights and business data with detailed reporting

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